Who are we?

 José Cavaco, Lda is a family company, founded in 1981, and its main activity is building, coordination and management of public and private construction works.

The company has its main office in Gorjões - Santa Bárbara de Nexe, in the Council of Faro, and works all over the Algarve. 

José Cavaco, Lda holds the Industrial Construction Certificate with the number 4459.

The quality and transparency of its works have been the priority of the company, for more than 30 years. In all the works that have been done, we have tried to serve and satisfy the clients in the best way.

The company has a qualified team with several years of experience in the area, and is always in constant updating. José Cavaco, Lda delivers high standards of professionalism and total satisfaction to its clients.
Because of this the company is proud to have clients for more than 30 years that can certify about our quality and ability and they count on us, whenever they need it.

Totally integrated in the construction industry, where the market these days is more rigorous and competitive, José Cavaco, Lda has always learned to follow the market requirements and is able to show its skills and capacities in order to affirm itself in the market.

For that the company invests in technological resources, buys new equipments and relies in the constant updating of the staff.
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