Main Objective: The client

José Cavaco, Lda is a company that is proud of having a prestigious client portfolio, some for more than 30 years.
The company has always focused on the client and in the quality of our service. These are our main concerns.

This loyal clients portfolio is a result of the involvement and commitment of the management and also from our team in satisfying the client.

Throughout all these years, the company team follows all the construction and renovation works done from the start till the finishing point when the key is given to the client. After this process the team provides assistance and all necessary services to give maintenance permanently.

A closer relationship is established with the client and this helps the client trust in the company. In most cases, the company looks after and stays responsible for the client’s house when he/ she is not there to guarantee the maintenance and the administration of the property.

The clients usually become close friends of José Cavaco, Lda managers. What is the secret? Jose Cavaco, Lda is formed by professional, experienced, clear and honest people.

This trust that the clients have in the company allows them to choose Jose Cavaco, Lda for any renovations or improvements works that they believe will give some value and a proper functioning of their properties.

In conclusion, this company is trustworthy and loyal to its clients because it is for them that we exist. The main principles are:

  • Good organization and precision;
  • Quality and transparency;
  • Technical competence and respect for the deadlines;
  • Loyalty, trust and dedication;
  • Innovation.
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