Green Roofs

For an ecological and sustainable construction

Having an environmental conscious is essential nowadays and our construction is sustainable and eco-friendly. Doing something for the environment is to invest in a healthy and long life.
By this perspective, José Cavaco, Lda, started building the green roofs. This new project has the partnership of Neoturf and Landlab companies. 


neoturfNeoturf was created in 1999 and it is a Portuguese company with a great know-how in technology for the execution of Green Roofs. This company is certificated by Zinco Green Roofs Systems.

Zinco is a German multinational company, leader in the world marked, with more than 30 years of experience in Green Roofs with the systems that give the best guarantee in the market. It has works in the entire world and this makes Zinco a brand of excellence and trust.


LandLab is a company that gives solutions to green spaces and sustainable construction. They provide all systems and products to resolve all project and work situations.


What is Green Roofs?

They are produced by engineering system that allows the planting and growing of plants and flowers on a conventional slab. This System consists of putting several layers overlapping in the building roof, to make sure that a correct waterproofing and isolation is done for keep well construction materials and botanical life that will stay on those green roofs.
The appropriate plants for the green roof will be chosen according with the weather conditions of the county and physical characteristics of the building.


Why having a Green Roof?

The green roofs have an important position in the development and ecological sustainability of the environment with more emphasis in the urban areas. The green roofs offer many benefits like ecological, economical, physiological and attractive visual benefits.


Environmental Advantages

  • Filtering of pollution and carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Filtering of pollutants and heavy metals in the rain water.
  • Increases photosynthetic activity that means more production of oxygen and recycling of carbon dioxide that reduces the greenhouse effect.
  • Improve the buildings energy performance due to its natural insulation creating a pleasant environment.
  • Important role in the integrity and sustainability of urban drainage systems.
  • Water retention, reducing the risk of floods.
  • Provides more natural habitats.
  • Reduction of the “Heat Island” effect.
  • Absorption and reduction of the noise and atmosphere pollution.
  • Increase the green areas in the cities
  • Reduce the negative impacts from the built structures in the urban areas.


Economic and Financial Benefits

  • Greater longevity from the roof.
  • Increase in the property value.
  • Improves the buildings energy performance, reducing costs with heating and cooling of the house without doing thermal insulation.
  • Reduction on water and electricity costs.
  • Reduction on air conditioning equipments.


Psychological and Aesthetic Benefits

  • Improves the look/ design of the building.
  • Makes the spaces more pleasant and comfortable, improving the quality of life of the people who live there.


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